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Along the coastline of Kulla is where this all seems to have begun.

At the tender age of three, Livia had the traits of a performer exuding from her.  As her mother recalls, morning used to break with her young angel breaking into song about everything- from what she’d love for breakfast to where she was wandering off to in fairyland.  The uniqueness has been her ability to play with melodies with ease.

Besides grasping some of these moments on tape, she flourished on the Cabarave circuit.

On this trail, Livia found Rick Veronese with whom she spent a lot of time telling these stories. Accompanied by his guitar chords and riffs as fuel for these trips, the songwriting and gigging began.  Kulla once again was the birthplace of this collaboration.  One of those songs that have touched audiences in Sweden and London in the UK is ‘Somewhere Faraway’.  This song reworked, features on her 2007 album.

Without much ado about nothing, at the RKFM stable, this expressive singer is taking the stage to share her diary with you.
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