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I have written material for my solo album for a while but this new fresh crop of songs came to me in the light of our band Stimul8's first album ´Don't give up´.

I felt the time was right and did not have to really work hard on these songs as they flowed through my veins constantly over a 2-3 month period. As much as there is truth in a lot of the songs, they come from deep within my soul. As I have become stronger mentally over the past years, this has translated into my new material; hence ´A Million Heroes´. In a nutshell, the world is full of Heroes(people who are yet to fulfill their potential).

I hope these songs may inspire a lot of people to wake up!!!!

Enjoy the journey ahead with it's many twists. I hope like me, you will find a little peace and freedom in this album.

Rick Veronese
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