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Stimul8- Don't Give UpWe've just completed our debut album this summer 2006 and it's been a journey.

So how did this all start? From working under the RKFM stable, Femi and Ricky had accumulated a juicy catalogue of songs. Still writing and recording, we've been getting a good vibe from the messages in the songs.

While waiting for that treasured 'record deal', we've been sharing our music with anyone who'd listen.

Knowing that we can give a boost through our music from feedback received, we gave ourselves a nudge. Hence the birth of Stimul8. Rearing to share our pleasure, Eamon came along to give extra fuel on the trip with his bass lines.

We made a few tweaks here and there with the aim of blending our creative similarities and diversities. Overall, we feel this album is who we are as Stimul8.

To listen to samples on the album, visit the
Stimul8 album page.


Mama Ne'er Told Me is one of those songs that came to Rick and Femi rather spontaneously on a mundane evening. We were lucky enough to record this in the heat of all the excitement. Sure was fun doing this too. Moments like this we ought to share with people who feel our vibe.

Here's a free download for our fan-base on Reverbnation

Have Fun!!!

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